Richard Lord

Richard is happily married with two little boys who keep him on his toes. He is an avid cyclist and a 3 times Sani2C finisher; an unashamed techno geek and Apple fanboy. In his spare time Richard is the Head of Digital at The MediaShop. Richard has 20 years of media experience behind him, 18 of those spent at The MediaShop. In 2001, he gained valuable media experience in the UK environment handling some major pan-European accounts including the likes of Coca-Cola, Motorola and Nestle, and then as a media consultant with the Radio Advertising Bureau, assisting media agencies with their radio planning. On his return to SA and The MediaShop, he was promoted to Associate Media Director in 2006 where he headed the ABSA / Barclays South Africa business unit until 2013.

As the Head of Digital, Richard spends loads of time online for ‘work’. The big challenge as he sees it is how to better integrate the digital and traditional media worlds, a conundrum that is becoming more complex by the day given the increasing fragmentation of media and the increase of programmatic buying. In addition to his digital responsibilities, Richard also manages the overall media strategy and planning for Wimpy, Mugg & Bean, Fish Aways and Milky Lane of the Famous Brands group.