Sean Clarke

Zambian born Sean Clarke qualified as an accountant before the mad advertising bug bit. When a former boss in an engineering company went to work at Ogilvy, Sean followed in his footsteps and thank goodness he did!  Sean joined The MediaShop as Finance Director in 1990 when the agency was still in its early days, having been founded by Dick Reed in 1988. Today he’s the agency’s Operations Director, looking after pretty much everything in the IT, finances and general services fields with a team of 35 assisting him.

Sean says that Elvis Presley has the best voice ever but Michael Jackson was the world’s best performer in his opinion. He also loves the music of Pavarotti, is a keen wildlife photographer, avid cook of all cuisines and definitely partial to a good single malt. His bucket list includes buying a yacht and sailing around the world and being able to witness the Le Mans 24 hour motor race and the Monaco Grand Prix first hand.

His pet peeve is when people are late for meetings and says that his spelling and grammar are atrocious! Well he hasn’t done badly for being the only English booitjie in an Afrikaans school from the North Western Cape!