Dashni Vilakazi

Dashni leads the Johannesburg team and is an accomplished professional steeped in business, marketing and corporate strategy. In her previous roles she has been the Head of Marketing for various organisations.

Having spent over 20 years as a leader in both international and local companies she has a brilliant cross functional project initiation and management experience. She has the capability to assimilate new and complex environments to process commercial gains through innovative and novel solutions in implementing exponential improvements across sectors in Financial Services, FMCG, Telecoms, Quick Service Restaurants, Retail and Beverages. Her visionary perspective has earned her opportunities to work on projects based globally from Lagos, Hong Kong, London, New York and Mumbai.

She has a Master’s in Business earning her a Cum Laude accolade during her graduation year. Her aptitude is thorough in establishing robust strategic initiation and execution capabilities with proven track record of bottom line elevation while simultaneously managing the Risk and Governance framework.

She has lectured at the AAA School of Advertising and at the Red and Yellow School in Cape Town and is a guest speaker at conferences and webinars.

Her interests are layered by exploration, travel, art creation and lifestyle subjects. Dashni flourishes on inaugural development of opening up the canvases of innovation to faculties from leadership to strategy to food creation and travel.