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Welcome to The MediaShop, not only are we a Level One BEE media agency – but the coolest kids breaking barriers!

Level 1 isn't just a rating; it's our vibe, reflecting our Pioneering spirit. We're all about breaking the mould, and we live by our mantra of being Non-Discriminatory, Accountable, and downright Inspired.

But wait, there's more fun behind the scenes! We're not just empowering our staff; we're giving them wings. 70% of our awesome crew is black, and we drop a cool R5 million each year on training because knowledge is power.

And guess what? We're like the Avengers of mentorship. Every year, we scoop up 10 interns, mould them into superstars over 18 months, and then unleash them into the world with permanent employment in hand.

But that's not all – our board is 50% black, and our Executive Committee is rocking a 60% black squad. We're not just building a company; we're building a family.

Oh, and did we mention our monthly 'Cultural Appreciation' shindigs? Picture this: a different culture every month. It's like a global party right in our office!

And because we're not just about us, we're out here building bridges with black SMME media owners, offering them mentorship and guidance. Because when we rise, we bring the whole industry with us!

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