Brand advertising vs mental availability

12 March 2023

Over the past few months, I have come to realise how mentally unavailable I am for many things. Balancing work and home...

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Real talk with Redzone: Dashni Vilakazi

23 February 2023

Rather than focusing on their ‘green glow’, marketers and brands should focus more on sustainable development in their...

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The return of the sport lover

7 October 2022

It goes without saying that the past two years have been tough for sports fans following the persistence of the...

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Why is innovation declining?

4 October 2022

Innovation in advertising seems to be on the decline. Why and what can brands do about it? Dashni Vilakazi explores this...

What’s the difference between an influencer and a content creator?

28 September 2022

Kitana wins, flawless victory… this memorable Mortal Kombat sound clip is a compilation that TikTok created for users to...

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What is cognitive diversity?

26 September 2022

Cognitive diversity means including a variety of people with different thought patterns, ideas, problem-solving methods...

Brands should avoid touting themselves as eco-champions when they’re not

21 September 2022

Marketers love to stay on trend when it comes to the latest ad developments, but sometimes to their own detriment: The...

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The Metaverse: Advertising and the future of marketing

15 September 2022

The Metaverse is here, but only in its infancy. Many of us may think of the Metaverse as that virtual world we’ll one...

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Is print ever going to die?

1 September 2022

A few years ago, we were frightened by this question and the impact that digital would have on print’s ‘market share’....

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Why behaviourial economics is the science of marketing

23 August 2022

Behavioural Economics is an intertesing field that explores the dynamics of decision making. Dashni Vilakazi takes a...

Innovation and competitiveness - The evolving ecosystem of the marketing and age

16 August 2022

Innovation and competitiveness - The evolving ecosystem of the marketing age. Dashni Vilakazi explores this topic with...

WATCH: TikToking into the metaverse of marketing

20 April 2022

Michael Avery and guests discuss how brands navigate the TikTok terrain

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